Vote For La Melodia On Homegrown

We’ve just wrapped up the tour with Pete Philly & Perquisite and ofcourse had our very own releaseparty for “Vibing High” of which you can check out some pictures in the Media section. Also in the Media section right now, lots of updates with magazine articles from all over the world!

Currently we are also working on a brand new liveshow which you’ll be able to come check out in March. More info on this soon!

We’ll have La Melodia T-Shirts very very soon. Both mens as well as female sizes, and ofcourse you will be able to order them online!

Last but definitely not least. State Magazine is set to release their annual “Homegrown” compilation album soon and as usual YOU can decide who appears on the album. “Homegrown” is a compilation featuring the best up & coming acts from the Netherlands. This year “TIME” is nominated and ofcourse we have to get a spot on this compilation! Only the songs with the most votes will appear on the CD so we need your help. Send an e-mail to and tell them why you think La Melodia’s “TIME” deserves to be on that CD. The deadline is November 23rd!!