Free Vibing High Tour Tickets!

As you all know we’re very busy touring the Netherlands. If you would like to check us out with live-band, send an email before April 1st to with the subject “La Melodia Tour”. Don’t forget to put your name, telephone number, and the show you would like to check out. We’re giving away 2 x 2 tickets for the following shows:

Friday April 4th, De Nieuwe Nor – Heerlen
Saturday April 5th, Patronaat – Haarlem
Thursday April 10th, Effenaar – Eindhoven

We also finally have the new La Melodia t-shirts! Check out the design below. For the women we have wifebeaters and for the men we have Carhartt t-shirts. They’re both very limited and available at our live shows so make sure you come check us out live!