ElectronicLife Sessions

For all of you who want to get to know us more: check out our new video-series on our youtubechannel!
In the next couple of weeks we will be followed by two students Media & Entertainment Management who are making a series of video’s about our life: ElectronicLife Sessions.

They will be following us onstage, in the studio, outside and even at home. Their first video was recorded 2 weeks ago at a Dutch music conference and is already up on ‘LaMelodiaTV’. Check it out & stay tuned…

Electronic Love: The Instrumentals

After our successful release of Electronic Love on vinyl/cd and digital, we also like to bring you Electronic Love: The Instrumentals.

This is the instrumental version of Electronic Love mastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters in LA. You can find this release exclusive at our Bandcamp page.

To celebrate this we made a special priced edition of the album + instrumentals. We also going to give away free copies on twitter and facebook so make shure to follow us.

For vinyl you can order online here: Rushhour and HHV.
The CD is for now only available at our shows.
You can find the digital edition of Electronic Love on bandcamp but also on I-tunes and Amazon. (I-tunes and Amazon got some of the instrumentals included). Now go and support this!

Good news

Hello there!

We’d like to share some good news with you about our website. See, we’ve updated it with all kinds of new¬†info and features.
First of all, we’ve made sure that you guys can now share everything on this website with your friends:¬†check out¬†the ‚Äòshare‚Äô button. Secondly it‚Äôs also possible to listen to music on our site now¬†.So click on Music while browsing our site and enjoy!
Finally, we’ve also¬†updated the picture and video gallery. Check out¬†the pics¬†of our masterclasses¬†& show at Buma Beats last weekend f.i.. Soon there will be¬†some more fresh updates. So stick around & stay tuned..