Pressing Vinyl With La Melodia

Hey guys, what’s up!?
I.N.T edited a new video, ‘Pressing Vinyl With La Melodia’.
Looking gooood! Check it out below and let us know what u think by leaving us a comment on our youtube channel,

The last videos of our ElectronicLife Sessions

Hey guys!

So our boys from the La Melodia promo-team will start working on the last videos of our ElectronicLife Sessions series next week.
It seemed like a cool idea to ask you all what you would like to see in the final episode, and so we made a poll.
Check it out below and let us know what you want to know, what you want to see, what you want to hear.


What should be the topic of our last ElectronicLife Sessions video? free polls
Who Shot Ya?! Releaseparty video

Hey guys,

We noticed a lot of you haven’t seen the video of our releaseparty yet!
Who Shot Ya?! did a great job in making this one, so check it out!

La Melodia – Electronic Love releasparty from Whoshotya?! on Vimeo.

Radioshows & Brussels

Hey there!

Check out the radioshows & shows we did last week!
La Melodia show @ HipHope benefit event in Brussels. The show was sold out, the drinks were good, the vibe was perfect!


Of course we had to make a stop at Studio Brussels while we were out there to visit our dear friend DJ Lefto. Check out the special mix we made for his show ft. live songs, new lamelodia beats, INT remixes and more.

Also, La Melodia did an interview @ PUNA radioshow. We selected some tracks, and shared all of our ins and outs during this 2hr lasting interview. Check it out here