A new ElectronicLife Sessions video.. Nr.3!

Hey guys!

So we uploaded the third video of our ElectronicLife Sessions series on YouTube.
Wanna see what a random day in the lifes of Melodee & I.N.T lookes like?
Check out the video below!

La Melodia x Cookin’ Soul, Give It Up!

Hey guys!

So five days ago we posted Cookin’ Soul’s remix of our track ‘Give It Up’ online.
The days past, and the video has been watched almost 12.000 times! So thanks a lot for checking it out!!

Also, some amazing international websites posted the video on their pages, for example 2DopeBoys! In our own country, The Boombap, Hiphopgemeenschap, FunX, Puna, 101Barz, Musicplace, QT Online and Boogie Down posted the video a.o, and in spain they posted the video at HHDirecto .

At the radio 538 website you can check out our live-in-the-studio version of Give It Up, and Funkiblog posted their interview with Melodee about the co-operation with Cookin’ Soul.

Thanks all for your support and please keep sharing, keep telling!
We hope the video will be on your TVscreen very soon..

Give It Up, Cookin’ Soul Remix

What’s good folks?!

Cookin’ Soul has made this sick (video)remix of  Give It Up. Don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but you should’ve by now!
These guys are doing dope things. Like doing tracks and projects with Clipse, The Game, Swizz beats, Dilated peoples and many more. Since a couple of weeks Melodee has been working on some tracks with them, which will be out soon.

For now: Check out this remix. Clubbing style…!

Cookin’ Soul presskit? Here.

Wanna check out videodirector Lisa Smidt? Here.

Cancelation – The Hiphop Lady’s Night

Unfortunately, the organisator of The Hiphop Lady’s Night has decided to cancel the whole friday-event. We just heard about this today. Truly sorry for all of you who wanted to come.. We’re very disappointed as well!
We hope we’ve got some more shows coming up in Brussels soon. Meanwhile stay updated by checking out our facebook regularly..

And the winning topic is…

So a couple of weeks ago we’ve asked you guys on facebook what kind of topics you would like to see in our ElectronicLife Sessions.
Out of these responses we picked the 3 best idea’s. We’ve posted these idea’s in a poll on our website, to decide which one we should choose for our last series. You can check out the results in the little graphic below.

And the winning one is… ‘La Melodia having fun with the people they appreciate’!
At the end of this week the newest episode of ElectronicLife will be posted online, after that we’re gonna start working on this last one. So be on the lookout!