Melodee & I.N.T. projects U should know about!

As you guys may know by now, we’ve also been working on our solo projects!

Check out some of the stuff INT did recently:

INT dropped a new Christmas EP last Christmas. “INT presents: Christmas Wonderland Volume 2” is available here. Also he’s starting a new series of music releases. Check out the Unoffical INT Remixes (video edit by Percy La Rock). Wanna know more about INT”s new projects? Then check out this Interview with INT which he did for a big Asian blog, and his New INT release coming up, end of January 2012.

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And some of the projects Melodee did recently:

MC Melodee x Cookin’ Soul – Check Out Melodee (inc free MP3 download)

MC Melodee x Cookin’ Soul – Cha Cha Cha (inc free MP3 download)

MC Melodee x Cookin’ Soul – Up In the Clouds (inc free MP3 download)

First MC Melodee showcase @ Rap En VLC (Spain) Alongside Spanish finest in hiphop! Cookin’ Soul , Mucho Muchacho, Juan Solo, Mbaka and Rayden a.o.

MC Melodee interview with MTV Spain

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